East Alligator River, Kakadu National Park

East Alligator River, Northern Territory 0822

Take in the wonderland of the Aussie outback at East Alligator River. It is known as one of the richest biological regions in Kakadu National Park.

East Alligator River Cruise

Whether you try your luck out at fishing, visit the surrounding attractions, or simply cruise along and leave your troubles on the shore, you will certainly not be disappointed.

What to Do at East Alligator River

  • Crocodile Jumping Cruise

    Australia’s Saltwater crocodiles are the kings of the river. These ancient beasts have roamed the area for 250 million years, and are the largest living reptiles in the world, growing to up to five to seven metres in length. Hop on a river cruise to these crocs up close and personal on a jumping crocodile cruise. See these magnificent creatures leap from the water to grab the tasty treats offered to them right in front of you. Learn about the area’s history, the flora and fauna, the river’s food chain, as well as traditional culture.

  • Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock

    Nourlangie Rock, NT

    These two attractions are the top pristine public sites featuring Aboriginal Cultural Rock Art. These ancient rocks were once previous dwelling shelters for the aboriginal ancestors of the land. With numerous illustrations ranging in different eras, some up to twenty thousand years old, making it one of the longest historical records of people on Earth. There are even paintings showing the first contact from when these Indigenous locals first encountered Europeans.

  • Walking Tracks

    There are multiple walking tracks within this area, equipped with picnic tables and lookout spots along the way. Immerse in the monsoon forest alongside the river banks in the Manngarre Rainforest Walk. To spot the crocodiles from a safe distance, trek along the Cahills Crossing, featuring a viewing platform over the river. This is the perfect area to launch your fishing rod as it is safe enough distance from those sneaky crocs. Catch your dinner for the night, the most popular being the delicious barramundi. For a tougher adventure, try out the Sandstone and River Walk. This challenging track loops you around the Catfish Creek, billabongs, sandstone ridges as well as the river banks.

  • Camping

    For an overnight stay, try out the Merl Campground. Don’t try out any camping areas near the river that aren’t official as crocs can sneak up on your during the night. This safe campground is equipped with hot showers, toilets, and generators.

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