Nourlangie Rock Art in Kakadu National Park

Nourlangie Rock sits in the ancient landscape of Arnhem Land within the confines of the stunning Kakadu National Park.

Nourlangie Rock

The rock and its surrounding landscape boast an incredibly rich culture and history, dating back thousands and thousands of years.

Today, the area is the traditional Country of the Gun-djeihmi speaking people and was, according to its traditional owners, created during the period of Dreaming. It is now a World Heritage site thanks to its cultural values and amazing ties to the region’s history.

What You Can See at Nourlangie Rock

Nourlangie Rock, NT

Nourlangie Rock is best-known for its stunning collection of rock art that spans back centuries. The walls of the rock have been used as a shelter and a canvas for thousands of years, marking the spot where local tribes communicated with each other and drew out their stories and memories.

The paintings offer visitors the chance to delve into the rich spiritual history of the region, and can easily be reached – they can be found when walking the circular 1.5km route, Nourlangie Rock Art Walk.

If you visit during the dry season, you can look forward to learning about the ancient gallery and its artworks from a knowledgeable park ranger, while also learning about the strong bond between the local people and the landscape.

On a tour of the area, you can discover how the local people sheltered at Nourlangie Rock during the harsh storms that hit during the Gudjewg Season (January to March), and explore three other sites around Nourlangie Rock that are important to the locals – Anbangbang Rock Shelter, Anbangbang Gallery, and Nanguluwur Art Site. All three places boast a collection of ancient rock art for you to explore and learn from.

At Anbangbang, you can discover important drawings like the Creation Ancestor Namondjok and the Lightning Man. From there, you can move on to climb to the Gunwarddehwardde Lookout, where you can marvel at the mesmerising views across Kakadu’s sprawling escarpment and Nourlangie Rock.

The history and culture of Nourlangie Rock and its art is absolutely fascinating. Not only do you get to experience the landscape in its present form, with sweeping escarpments and stunning views, but you can travel back in time thousands and thousands of years to learn more about this ancient part of Australia and its people who have lived here and created traditions here for centuries.

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