Explore Kakadu National Park

At the very Northern tip of Australia lies the beautiful Kakadu National Park, home to secluded waterfalls and well-equipped campgrounds that are scattered across this incredible terrain. Proudly displaying the natural beauty of Australia’s Northern Territory, this 20 000 km² National Park is a great place for all who are looking to get in touch with nature.

Though this park offers many incredible sights, one of the most awe-inspiring of them all is the Jim Jim Falls, these magnificent falls cascade down from a height of 150m and thunder into the plunge pool below. The well-kept Garanammar campgrounds provide the only access to these falls, and since these grounds are only accessible by 4WD vehicles it’s clear that this destination is extremely secluded and almost untouched. Once you reach the campground’s car park you will be ready to lace up your hiking boots and get started on your adventure to the falls.

While the route from the car park may only be 900m, it can take up to 2 hours to cover this distance because of the uneven terrain. With huge boulders blocking the track alongside the river, you’ll be climbing your way towards the falls, but while it may be rough there is plenty to admire along the way and several places to stop and rest. About halfway along this trail, you will find a sign that points you off the main track towards a ‘Viewing Pool’, this is the perfect place to stop for a breather and you’ll have a great view of the Jim Jim falls through the gorge ahead.

Once you reach the falls you will be faced with a scene of staggering beauty, making the entire journey worthwhile as you enjoy the beach-like sand bank beside the natural pool at the foot of the falls. For those with an undying adventurous spirit, the trail does not end here, there is still a 6km hike up the side of the valley that will bring you to the top of the waterfall, where you will have a panoramic view of the park around you in all its splendour.

Be sure to visit this incredible waterfall during the dry season between the months of April and November, when the trail to the falls is accessible by land. The peace and serenity of this destination inspires feelings of freedom and liberation as it allows you to get in touch with Australia’s stunning nature.

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