Exploring Jim Jim Creek and its Waterfalls

The Kakadu National Park is famed for its ancient landscape, harking back millions of years and promising visitors a trip back in time as they explore the sprawling scenery and the vibrant selection of plant and animal life.

In the heart of it all lies Jim Jim Creek, which rises up in the Arnhem Land escarpment inside the confines of the UNESCO World Heritage listed park. The Creek is best-known for its accompanying falls, which cascade over the ancient scenery and have been registered on the Australian National Heritage List.

The History of Jim Jim Creek

It is thought that the Kakadu National Park sprawled out under a shallow sea 140 million years ago. The escarpment that you see there today was sea cliffs and the Arnhem Land plateau formed an expansive stretch of land just above sea level. Today, the escarpment soars around 330 meters skywards above the plains and rolls out for more than 500 km to the east of the park.

In the area surrounding Jim Jim Creek and its falls, the land varies between vertical cliffs and stepped cliffs.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls, along with Twin Falls, is the best-known attraction in the Kakadu National Park, drawing visitors in with its 200 metre cascading waterfall that gushes into an ancient gorge below. Combined with the stunning, surreal landscape that surrounds it, the falls offer a mesmerising experience for anyone visiting.

Getting to Jim Jim Creek and its Falls

In the past, getting to Jim Jim Falls wasn’t an easy feat. In fact, you could only reach it after undertaking a two hour walk from the Kakadu Highway turn off, or a lengthy drive along a rough track.

Now, however, it’s a different story. Access to the creek and its surroundings has been much improved. You can now reach it via a well-maintained gravel path, which curves around to the Jim Jim camping area. From there, you can take a short walk to the creek and the falls through incredible scenery.

Visiting the Jim Jim Creek isn’t just an adventure into Australia’s stunning natural world, it also presents a historic look at the country and how the landscape may once have rolled out in this part of the world. As well as an eclectic selection of plant and animal life, you can learn more about the centuries-old history that imbues this area and explore some of the oldest landscapes that cover Australia.

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