Exploring White Lily Billabong in Kakadu

The Kakadu National Park is one of the most incredible swathes of scenery in the whole of Australia. The bold escarpment is made up of lush forests, sprawling woodland, and plenty of lakes, billabongs, and waterfalls to cool off in and enjoy the views from.

On many tours around Kakadu, you’ll be exposed to the vast amount of nature that calls the area home, stopping off at various prominent landmarks, like cascading waterfalls, ancient creeks, and eggshell-smooth billabongs.

The White Lily billabong is one of the most prominent watering holes in the area, flanked by lush scenery and promising a hearty dose of natural beauty if you venture to its shores during your time at Kakadu.

While on the water, you can enjoy a nature-based cruise, complete with an exceptional amount of birdlife and stunning views.

As you glide along the smooth water, keep your eyes peeled for native crocodiles that lurk beneath the surface and learn more about their fascinating history in the region, their unique habitat, and their behavioural habits. As well as spotting these prehistoric creatures in the water, you can also soak up the dizzying array of nature that flanks the billabong, spreading out into the picturesque landscape of the national park.

The billabong itself is a beautiful display of vibrant white lilies (hence its name), and offers respite from the surrounding forests. The unique scenery is made even more eye-catching with the gnarled trees that burst through the water’s surface and soar skywards, casting a quirky silhouette against the horizon.

These trees, and the surrounding forests are home to some of Kakadu’s most prominent bird life. Native species rub shoulders with prehistoric birds, many of which call the area home for the year. Keep your eyes peeled for colourful wings and the distinct sounds of some of the region’s most famous birds.

White Lily billabong is surrounded by fascinating landmarks that are well worth visiting, too. To experience everything Kakadu has to offer, make sure you take the short hike up to the nearby Budjimi Lookout, where you can take a refreshing dip in the plunge pool that sits at the base of Jim Jim Falls.

Elsewhere, you can marvel at spectacular views of the park from various other lookouts, and enjoy the mesmerising cascade of the numerous waterfalls that are tucked away throughout Kakadu.

Visiting the White Lily billabong gives you the chance to dive head first into the stunning scenery and selection of wildlife that Kakadu has on offer.

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