Gunlom Falls in the Kakadu National Park

The World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park boasts some of the most ancient scenes in Australia. Here, rocky outcrops jut skywards while lush woodland forms the perfect habitat for native animals and plants.

At the heart of the park, there are a selection of majestic waterfalls known as Waterfall Creek, that boast a selection of refreshing plunge pools and picnic areas shaded with ancient gum trees – the perfect place to catch some respite from the sun.

The peak of the waterfall is home to spectacular views out across the sprawling scenes of Kakadu, all of which can be experienced while taking a dip in the crystal clear pools. For those looking to be a little more active, there’s also a pleasant walk around the lookout at the top of the waterfall that takes visitors to a collection of pretty rock pools and even more breath-taking views across the surrounding landscape.

Another, flatter walk, takes in Murrill Billabong, where there are plenty of colourful bird species to see and shady picnic spots with a range of camping facilities.

Getting to Gunlom Falls

Finding your way to Gunlom Falls is relatively simple. Once you’re in the Kakadu National Park, take a right turn and you’ll be greeted by a gravel track that will take you directly to the falls.

Known as the southern hills and basins, this part of the national park is exceptionally breath-taking, with plenty of amazing scenery to soak up on the drive to the falls. In this region, millions of years of weathering has made the landscape a rugged throwback to the past.

To experience Gunlom Falls and its surrounding scenery at its best, head to the area for the sunrise or the sunset. About halfway along the track that takes you to Gunlom, there are a series of walks known as the Yurmikmik walks which take in even more of the spectacular scenery.

At the falls themselves, there are plenty of parking spots in the camping ground. From there, it’s just a short walk to the falls via a lush green forest which then opens out onto the sparkling plunge pool of Gunlom and the white sands that flank it.

Kakadu is home to some of the most exceptional and ancient scenery in Australia, and visitors can experience the sheer beauty of it all at Gunlom Falls, where there are pretty plunge pools made for refreshing dips, impressive rocky outcrops, and lush forests that epitomise this part of Australia.

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