How is Kakadu protected?

How is Kakadu protected?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/11/2021

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As Australia’s biggest national park, Kakadu is vital for its diverse wildlife, natural wonders, and vast historic importance.

Due to the many important aspects which make it a significant area of land in the country, several government laws protect Kakadu from any harm.

  • It is an Indigenous Heritage Site

    The indigenous people of the Bininj and Mungguyin tribes are said to have lived within Kakadu for over 40,000 years. The Aboriginal people are the oldest surviving culture on earth, with many remaining cultural sites that are thousands of years old still found within the national park. Due to the community’s strong connection to the land, many of Kakadu’s natural sights are linked with their spiritual beliefs as resting places for ancestors, spots for traditional customs, and 5,000 more sites of significance. Therefore, the Indigenous community who own the land work in correlation with the Australian government to protect these sites from harm and destruction.

  • It has a variety of important wildlife

    Kakadu is home to a diverse biosphere of flora and fauna, and is home to endangered and rare species that are only found in this one region. A large majority of the Northern Territory’s wildlife population is within this park, making it a critical place to maintain. Each species of animal has multiple variations, from 53 species of fish, 170 trees and 280 bird species known to reside within Kakadu National Park.

  • Its natural wonders

    Kakadu National Park Rock Formation

    It’s not just the historic sights or wildlife which enthral folk, but the natural rock formations and watering holes dotted about! Impressive sights include one of the oldest rock formations around, as well as shockingly huge waterfalls. The size, age, and development of these wonders are vital in maintaining the natural ecosystem of the park.

  • It is a UNESCO Protected Site

    Stretching out to over 20,000 squares of land, the Kakadu National Park is truly a mesmerising place to see. Due to its immense range of natural wonders, historic sites, and variety of wildlife, Kakadu National Park is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Protected site.

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