Is Jim Jim Falls open?

Is Jim Jim Falls open?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/30/2021

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Kakadu’s Jim Jim Falls is one of the most remarkable waterfalls in all of Oz. Situated amongst monsoonal rainforests and towering escarpments, Jim Jim Falls is a cascading must-see for anyone visiting the mighty Kakadu National Park!

Jim Jim Falls can be easily hiked to in the dry season from June to August, and you can even swim in the designated plunge pool to refresh yourself after your boulder-lined hike to the base of the falls.

On the other hand, access isn’t always possible in the wet season, when the falls and surrounding gorge is flooded, often making road access impossible. However, you can still hop aboard a scenic helicopter flight which will allow you to experience this dramatic natural phenomenon in all its untamed glory!

A visit to the Jim Jim region – and especially its stunning waterfall – is a must for Kakadu travellers, and is best accompanied with these unforgettable experiences:


At first glance, Nourlangie is a supremely majestic rock formation bulging out of the lush valley below. Stunning enough, yes, but it’s what awaits you once you climb up and into its intersecting walkways that truly make this formation special.

Nourlangie is home to some of Australia’s most well-preserved ancient rock art sites, with some pieces dating back a whopping 20,000 years! Seeing these pieces in person is what truly makes a hike up Nourlangie worth it: there is nothing else like it in Australia (and the world in general – seriously).

Croc-spotting on Yellow Water

Kakadu is home to a sizable saltwater crocodile population: a cheeky 10,000 of them, in fact. Yes, the salty has always felt right at home in this ancient wonderland, stalking its waters for eons in search of prey and a little sunbathing.

Luckily for us curious types, we can see plenty of these magnificent beasts in their element from the safety of a Yellow Water croc-spotting tour. You’ll be able to spot plenty of these prehistoric predators as you learn all about them from your knowledgeable guide, making it an incredible experience in this stunning national park.

Venture out to Jarrangbarnmi

Jarrangbarnmi – or Koolpin Gorge – is a far-flung area of the park where you need an extra permit to visit. Totally worth it though, as you will experience some of Kakadu’s most untouched – and therefore beautiful – natural landscape.


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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