Our top tropical travel tips

Our top tropical travel tips

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/14/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Every travel website has their token Top Travel Tips and while most of them will provide the same kind of advice, they are all generally quite useful. However, it’s harder to find advice for when you’re travelling to a tropical region.

When travelling tropical, there are a few extra considerations you need to make. The fluctuating weather conditions and high humidity can be a shock for those who come unprepared.

  • Deodorant v Antiperspirant

    Every toiletry list will remind you to take deodorant with you, after all, it is quite an important part of your daily hygiene. Especially when we know you’ll be sweating a lot!

    However, there is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. We always recommend bringing antiperspirant when possible, it’ll help you feel way more comfortable.

    While deodorant protects you against odour, an antiperspirant helps to control sweat. When in a hot and humid climate you’re likely to sweat more than in your everyday life, so an antiperspirant can help prevent or delay that wet clothes feeling.

    You’ll not be able to entirely stop sweating, and it is an important way your body regulates temperature. However, antiperspirants are an easy and relatively cheap way to keep yourself comfortable in the tropics.

  • Quick-dry clothing

    Quick-dry clothing is a relatively new invention, but one of the best for those tropical hikes and trips!

    When you’re out in the heat, the last thing you want is clothing that feels heavy and wet. Quick-drying clothing is comfortable, breathable, and light. Generally, quick-drying clothing should be wet to damp in 30 minutes and damp to dry in just a couple of hours. This is really useful when travelling also as it means you can wash your items and then know they’ll be dry the next morning when you wake up.

  • Underwear

    Okay, so this is kind of related to quick dry clothing, but people often forget just how important underwear is. The right underwear will keep you comfortable and prevent chaffing. No one wants sore, red thighs a day into their trip.

    You want to make sure that you have underwear that is comfortable, not too tight, and moisture-wicking. The reality is that you’ll be sweaty, so be prepared to stay as comfortable as possible. While underwear shapes are a personal preference, slightly longer boy-shorts are a good way of preventing inner thigh chafing.

    Additionally, don’t forget to think about the bras you are bringing. With many bathing tops now available with full support at a reasonable price, consider bringing a few of them instead of your normal bras. This way you’ll still have plenty of support, but also the moisture-wicking benefits of a bather material, no under-boob sweat for you!

  • Frozen water

    We always suggest taking at least two water bottles when you’re going on a trip. However, if you freeze one overnight before you leave, you’ll have access to cold water in the afternoon. It will slowly melt throughout the day, giving you nice cool water to drink in the afternoon sun. Much more refreshing than warm water that’s been in your bag for a few hours.

We hope these tips have helped you prepare for your next tropical trip!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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