The Colourful Bird Species of Kakadu National Park

The Colourful Bird Species of Kakadu National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/29/2016

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Kakadu National Park is one of the Northern Territory’s best-loved natural attractions. Set 171km southeast of Darwin, it boasts beautiful backdrops and an incredible selection of flora and fauna.

The park itself is located inside the Alligator Rivers region of the Northern Territory. It extends almost 200km from north to south and more than 100km from east to west.

The huge expanse of the park is home to numerous habitats that host over 280 species of birds. Or, to put it more simply, about one third of the bird species in Australia. Some of the birds that live here reside over several different habitats in the region. However, many can only be found in singular environments.

Around 11,246km of Kakadu’s savanna habitats have been labelled as Important Bird Areas by BirdLife International. This is because they support species of endangered birds. Species such as the Gouldian finch, the red goshawk, the partridge pigeon, and the chestnut-backed button-quail all call Kakadu home.

What might you see

The savannah regions of the park are also home to lorikeets, northern rosellas and silver-crowned friarbirds. Look for numerous varieties of honeyeaters, white-browed robins, and long-tailed finches amongst many other species.

But it is not just the savannah landscapes that host all manner of birds. Elsewhere, the waters of the Kakadu National Park are home to hundreds of different species. Look for large populations of magpie geese, wandering whistling ducks, green pygmy geese, black-necked storks, Australian pelicans, darters, night herons, and brolga.

The list of colourful bird species goes on and on. In fact, this is one of the most abundant places to find birds in the whole of Australia. There are plenty of other migrating birds and rare birds to keep an eye out for as you pass through. You’ll also find plenty of other species of fauna like native mammals and marsupials.

The Kakadu National Park is a haven for animal lovers – and, in particular, forms the perfect backdrop for keen bird-watchers. Whether you’re taking a hike through the undergrowth, exploring the vast savanna regions, or wandering around the water-based areas, you’ll to see a bird or two on your travels.

With such a huge number of different habitats, including mangroves, grasses, monsoon forests, savannas, and floodplains, the park is the perfect place for birds. They come here to feed, rest, breed, and migrate, all of which is set against a stunning backdrop that makes this part of Australia such a beautiful natural wonder.

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