What Tours You Can See Enjoy in Kakadu?

What Tours You Can See Enjoy in Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/07/2020

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Covid-19 has caused extraordinary disruption to people’s daily lives this year, stretching across the globe to every section on earth. Northern Territory Governments have set in severe restrictions, cancelling events, activities, and tours to keep everyone safe.

Thankfully, in the region of Kakadu, the restrictions have eased, allowing certain tours to open to the public. These tours are continually checked for safety, maintaining hygienic operations and social distancing. Letting guests explore the extraordinary outdoors of Kakadu without violating any COVID restrictions.

One Day Kakadu Deluxe Tour

Explore Kakadu with this quick one-day exploration, letting you go off into the dry landscape from the bustling city of Darwin. Travelling deep into the heart of Kakadu National Park, seeing incredible sights such as unique wildlife, heritage sites and watering holes.

Highlights you’ll see on this Tour

  • Yellow Water Billabong

    Experience the dramatic scenery of the Yellow Water Billabong, also known as Ngurrungurrudjba. Wetlands range jam-packed with unique wildlife and fascinating history attached to it. With both walking tracks and boat cruises available. Guest can explore the stunning scenery while they hear about the history of this land.

  • Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

    Home to a range of artworks, crafts, books and more, the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre was developed by the Bininj and Mungguy people. Aiming to create a historic centre to showcase and celebrate the history of Kakadu’s people. Learn more about the region’s history and its connection to the Indigenous culture.

  • Nourlangie

    This thousand-year-old rock art offers a glimpse into the incredibly rich culture and history of the Indigenous people of Kakadu. The Gun-djeihmi tribes once used Kakadu’s rock caves as a shelter during harsh storms, decorating the stone walls with stunning artwork. Still visible today, the style and subjects of these art pieces give a great insight into this ancient tribe’s daily lives and beliefs. It is a World Heritage site, and one of the best tourist spots in Kakadu!

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