Bowali Visitor Centre

Kakadu Hwy, Jabiru, Northern Territory 0886

The Bowali Visitor Centre can be found in the beautiful confines of the Kakadu National Park, just off the Kakadu Highway to the west of Jabiru.

The Bowali Visitor Centre

It gets its name from the Bowali Creek which runs nearby, and the interesting low-slung design of the centre was inspired by a traditional Aboriginal Rock Shelter. Inside, you can find a plethora of information all about Kakadu and its surrounding regions, including displays and exhibits about the local flora and fauna, and information about the rich Aboriginal history that imbues the area.

At the Centre, you can explore the Marrawuddi Gallery, which plays host to all sorts of arts, crafts, books, and gifts, and the Anmak An-me Café, where you can pick up a bite to fuel your visit.

For the most part, Bowali is based more on the natural aspects of Kakadu, though there is still a lot of input about the strong influence of Aboriginal culture in the area.

Throughout the Centre, there is plenty for visitors to get stuck into. As well as browsing the many vibrant and informative displays, you can watch a 25-minute audio visual presentation that delves deep into the different moods and landscapes of Kakadu, covering the varying seasons and the different forms of life that thrive in each condition. There are plenty of interpretative displays to discover, too, where you can gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating landscape with every new piece of information you unravel.

Every half an hour, you can watch a video that gives a different perspective on Kakadu and its significance all over the world and, in the habitat based display and library, you can learn what kinds of things you can see and do in the park itself.

Learning About Kakadu at the Bowali Visitor Centre

Bowali Visitor Centre, NT

The Bowali Visitor Centre is well worth a visit before you take a walk around Kakadu itself. Before you delve into the landscape on a first-hand encounter, you can learn all about the scenery, the wildlife that call it home, and the rich, fascinating history that imbues all parts of the park.

To get to the Bowali Visitor Centre, you have to enter into Kakadu National Park, where you’ll get to experience the flora and fauna up close and personal before discovering more about them in the eclectic selection of displays and exhibits. If you’re planning on visiting Kakadu, make sure you stop of at the Bowali Visitor Centre while you’re there.

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