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What are the seasons of Kakadu?

You know the classic four seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. You might even know about northern Australia’s two seasons, wet and dry. But it’s probably assumed that you never would have heard of Kakadu’s six different seasons. That’s right, six different seasons, all defined by the skies, rainfall, plants and animals of Kakadu. The Seasons Creation Kakadu’s six seasons were created from the traditional owners of the land, known as the Bininj and Mungguy Aboriginal inhabitants. The seasons are built from thousands of years of knowledge and connection to the land. With generations of indigenous people learning the […]


What is Kakadu national park famous for?

Undoubtedly the country’s biggest national park, this wildlife paradise is bursting with unforgettable sites. With an abundance of cascading waterfalls, native animals, lush bushland, and aboriginal history. Nestled in Australia’s Northern Territory, this world heritage site is cherished by both locals and tourists, as it is the Aussie dreamland for its beautiful biodiversity. It’s wildlife One of the main attributes of this national park is the vast amount of biodiversity litter within. Found under every crevasse, in every river, and in every tree, there is a reptile, bird, or mammal roaming about. As it completely protects the park from any […]


Why Koolpin Gorge should be on your radar?

If you are looking for a place that oozes natural beauty, scenery and a true Australian culture vibe, then Koolpin Gorge is where it’s at. Also known as Jarrangbarni, its aboriginal name, the area is burrowed in the heart of the Kakadu National Park, hidden from most visitors travelling around. Although it might be an unknown site to most, it is undoubtedly one of the best spots in the entire National Park.   Why is it unknown? Due to its remote location, it can be out of the way for travellers. Due to the rough roads leading to the area, […]


What unique wildlife can you see in Kakadu National Park?

Huddled in Australia’s Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is listed as the largest terrestrial national park in the entire country. Due to its size, this vast Aussie landscape is home to a spectacularly unique and diverse ecosystem. Each area of the park has a different environment, with cascading waterfalls, thick bushland, and dry rocky areas, transforming each area into a different bio network. Crocodiles Found roaming the dark and muddy waters of Kakadu are the fearsome Australia Salt Water Crocs. These reptiles have been around for eons, outliving the dinosaurs by about 65 million years. In all this time they […]


What is there to see at the East Alligator River

Take in the wonderland of the Aussie outback at East Alligator River. It is known as one of the richest biological regions in Kakadu National Park. Whether you try your luck out at fishing, visit the surrounding attractions, or simply cruise along and leave your troubles on the shore, you will certainly not be disappointed. What to do at East Alligator River Crocodile Jumping Cruise Australia’s Saltwater crocodiles are the kings of the river. These ancient beasts have roamed the area for 250 million years, and are the largest living reptiles in the world, growing to up to five to seven […]


How Big is Kakadu National Park?

Kakadu National Park lies smack bang in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is a nature reserve bursting with spectacular landscapes and is a haven for a diverse range of beautiful wildlife. With an abundance of cascading waterfalls, native animals, lush bushland, and aboriginal history. The proposal to make the area a national park was back in 1965. Establishing an agreement with the indigenous community lasted a decade before the announcement in 1975 declared the area the Kakadu National Park. They used the name Kakadu to recognise Gagudju, an Aboriginal language used throughout the park. How Big Is It? It is Australia’s largest […]


Things to See Along the Stuart Highway

Australia’s Red Centre carves a surreal path through the centre of the country, connecting up Darwin to Adelaide via the Stuart Highway. The route itself passes through many of Australia’s famed national parks, like Kakadu, and takes in some of the quirkiest attractions around. Sprawling out for more than 3,000 kilometres, there is plenty to see. Here are some of the best stops to make on the way. 1. Berry Springs Nature Park Located around 50 kilometres outside of busy and historic Darwin, the Berry Springs Nature Park offers visitors a relaxing and refreshing oasis to enjoy. The scenery here […]


The Best Swimming Holes in Litchfield National Park

Set in the heart of Kakadu, the Litchfield National Park boasts an ancient landscape packed full of breath-taking natural scenery and a plethora of wildlife encounters. The wild backdrop is ideal for adventurous travellers who want to explore some of the more rugged parts of Australia before taking a dip in one of the many refreshing swimming spots. Languishing beneath rainforest canopies and amidst sweeping grasslands, the plunge pools and swimming holes of Litchfield provide some of the best backdrops against which you can soak up the surrounding scenery. Here are some of the best. Buley Rockhole Perhaps the most […]


Gunlom Falls in the Kakadu National Park

The World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park boasts some of the most ancient scenes in Australia. Here, rocky outcrops jut skywards while lush woodland forms the perfect habitat for native animals and plants. At the heart of the park, there are a selection of majestic waterfalls known as Waterfall Creek, that boast a selection of refreshing plunge pools and picnic areas shaded with ancient gum trees – the perfect place to catch some respite from the sun. The peak of the waterfall is home to spectacular views out across the sprawling scenes of Kakadu, all of which can be experienced […]


The Culture and History of Kakadu National Park

Located in Australia’s Norther Territory, the Kakadu National Park is a sprawling nature reserve that boasts a collection of diverse and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can immerse themselves in a series of wetlands, rivers, and ancient sandstone escarpments in a region that’s rich in both stunning views and a fascinating heritage. As well as more than 2,000 different plant species and a selection of native wildlife species, from saltwater crocs to turtles and vibrant birds, there is a massive amount of history and culture to soak up in the grounds of the park. Centuries-old rock paintings adorn some of the soaring […]

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