Gunlom Waterfall Creek (Gunlom Falls) in Kakadu

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory 0822

In the heart of World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, Gunlom Falls forms part of Waterfall Creek.

Gunlom Falls

Here, a cascading waterfall joins up with a serene and peaceful plunge pool to provide a stunning backdrop for relaxing, swimming, and picnicking.

Gunlom Falls, also known as waterfall creek, is known primarily for its marvellous pools, both at the foot of the falls and at the top, bringing a fun and exciting element to this fantastic attraction. After arriving in the Gunlom carpark you will have an easy walk ahead of you that will lead you through a short section of tropical forest before you reach the falls themselves.

Explore the Gunlom Falls

Upon arrival at the falls, you will be faced with a scene of almost unparalleled beauty, with the 85m high cliffs towering above you, and the vast, shimmering emerald pool laid out before you with a small sandy beach on its shores. The staggering beauty of this scene is sure to stop you in your tracks as you absorb the serene peace of the moment, and with the water beckoning to you to take a dip, you will have to give in to the undeniable urge and kick off your boots before diving in. The cool waters are a soothing relief after the sweltering heat of the sun, and you’ll have the chance to swim right up to the foot of the falls and enjoy the natural shower from the falls as they cascade over the cliff. This pool at the waterfall’s base is an incredibly popular destination for many people, which means that it can often be a little crowded, despite its very large size.

To escape the buzz of others and to ensure yourself a peaceful place to get in touch with the thriving nature around you, you can climb the 1km track from the bottom of the falls to the top. This track is very steep, but not too difficult and within 20 minutes you will have risen to the top.

From the top of the waterfall, you can enjoy spectacular views out across the south of Kakadu National Park while cooling off in the refreshing waters of the pools. At the top, you can check out the lookout walk, which takes you past pretty rock pools and exposes you to panoramas of the southern hills and ridges.

From there, you can continue on the flat walk to Murrill Billabong, where you can get stuck into some birdwatching and have a picnic in the grassed and shady picnic area provided. The views from Gunlom Falls are perhaps the biggest draw to the attraction. At the top, you can look out over the three distinct habitats of the south – stone country, woodland, and riverine areas.

The Facilities at Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls caters well to visitors with facilities including barbecues, a car park, a designated picnic area set amongst shady woodland, and public toilets. It has everything you need for spending a day in the stunning surrounds.

Activities at Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls, NT

As well as marvelling at the impressive views from the top of the falls, you can go swimming in the crystal clear pools that accompany the cascading water. Elsewhere, there are plenty of walks that take you past numerous different sites – remember to keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife as you go.

Camping is popular in the area, as the lush scenery makes for the perfect place to sleep under the stars. There are special camping spots for you to pitch your tent on that boast great facilities and views.

How to Get to Gunlom Falls

To get to the Kakadu National Park, leave Darwin and head out on the Arnhem Highway. Access to Gunlom Falls is available throughout the year, regardless of whether you’re visiting in the dry season or the wet season (where the dry season runs from May to October). The watering holes in Kakadu are monitored throughout the year and, if there hasn’t been enough rainfall, the swimming pools will be closed if it’s thought it is not safe for visitors.

If you’re in Kakadu National Park and looking for a beautiful place to relax, head to Gunlom Falls for stunning views and great swimming opportunities.

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