5 things to do in Kakadu National Park

5 things to do in Kakadu National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/13/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Kakadu is the second largest national park in Australia with beautiful views, waterfalls, and ancient rock art.

Kakadu is about a three hour drive from Darwin with plenty of things to do from hiking, swimming, and spotting all kinds of wildlife. You can drive yourself and explore the national park in your own time or join a tour and see the very best of Kakadu.

1. Ubirr rock art

Ubirr has some outstanding Aboriginal rock art with some of the paintings over 20,000 years old. Most of the art is considered an x ray painting which could be at least 1500 years old.

Follow the one kilometre walking track to view the rock art in some of the different areas. See if you can spot some of the popular artwork such as the Tasmanian tiger, the long neck turtle, and the kangaroo.

2. Warradjan Cultural Centre

The Warradjan Cultural Centre is a must see for everyone who visits Kakadu. The cultural centre displays artefacts from the Warradjan people who are the traditional owners. There is also the gallery shop which sells local arts and crafts.

3. Termite mounds

The termite mounds in Kakadu can reach about six metres high and be as old as 60 years! These cathedral termite mounds can be spotted throughout the southern part of Kakadu. The best spot to see the tall termite mounds is along Maguk Road near Mary River.

Kakadu National Park Termite Mounds

4. Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is Kakadu’s tallest waterfall! The waterfall is 200 metres high and is best seen during the wet season. If you visit during the dry season, it means you can walk through the monsoon forest and walk over the base of Jim Jim Falls.

5. Yellow Water

Yellow Water has an incredible amount of wildlife to spot from saltwater crocs to all different kinds of birds. The water is also a great fishing spot to catch a barra through most of the year.

There is also the Yellow Water Cruise that takes you through the heart of Kakadu. The cruise is Indigenous owned and takes you on a journey through the wetlands to see the scenery and all kinds of wildlife.

Yellow River Cruise Kakadu

Looking to make a day trip to Kakadu from Darwin? Book this one day tour and see some of the best parts of the national park! On the day tour, you’ll visit and experience Australia’s largest national park, discover Aboriginal rock art, and spot crocodiles.

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