Bush Camping in Kakadu

Bush Camping in Kakadu

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/11/2020

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All of our multi-day Kakadu tours include bush camping, there isn’t a single night you won’t camp and that’s the way we like it.

Camping is the best way to see Kakadu National Park. With such an amazing and diverse environment surrounding you, camping is simply the best way to experience it all. Plus, camping allows us to take you deeper into the park and explore further as there is no rush to return to the town Jabiru each night.

  • Swag Camping

    For the ultimate Australian experience many of our tours offer swag camping.

    A swag is a single person tent, perfectly sized for sleeping under the stars. Swags roll up into small bundles that are easily carried by an individual as they venture through the bush. A swag has a small foam mattress lining the bottom and is incredibly easy to unroll and set up.

    Swags are great for sleeping under the stars and protect you well from the elements as well as any pesky bugs that might be flying around.

  • Tents

    Some of our tours include tent camping. Tents will keep you dry and protected from the bad weather. They are larger than swags and can protect from the elements during the wet season if need be.

    Tents generally sleep between two and three people, so you’ll have a buddy when camping during the tour. Tent camping is a great way to get to know some of your fellow travellers. Tent camping is more common at some of the campsites around Kakadu.

  • Facilities

    Throughout our Kakadu tours, facilities will vary. You will have access to toilets every day of the trip, however, they will change in quality. Some days you will have access to regular running toilets, however at other times during the trip only drop toilets will be available. You’re out in the isolated Australian tropics, so get ready to rough it at least a little bit!

    As for shower facilities, it will change day to day. Some campsites have shower facilities available while others don’t. Due to the changing availability of showers we recommend using them when they are available.

  • BYO

    All of our tours provide your tents and swags for you, so there is no need to concern yourself with buying or hiring a tent for the trip. All tents and swags are high quality and checked to ensure they’re not broken before you head out on your tour.

    When sleeping in both swags and tents you will need a sleeping bag, and yes it does cool overnight. You have two choices when it comes to sleeping bags, you can bring your own or you can hire one from your driver for the duration of the trip. Sleeping bags cost just $15 to hire for your tour, but please do let us know at time of booking if you need to hire one so we can ensure one is available.

    Finally, if you’re someone who likes to sleep with a pillow you will need to bring one. Unfortunately, we do not have pillows available for you to hire and they are not included in your camping accommodation.

We hope that this has helped to answer some of your questions about camping in Kakadu National Park!

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Cameron Ward
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