Can you tour Kakadu on your own?

Can you tour Kakadu on your own?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/03/2023

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Kakadu is Australia’s most significant national park with large waterfalls and lush rainforests.

Kakadu is one of the most adventurous national parks in Australia and you can easily tour it on your own! Keep in mind that to explore all of Kakadu , you will want a 4WD, but you can still explore parts of the national park with a regular 2WD car.

You will need at least three days to see the best parts of Kakadu, but you can easily spend more time here discovering the area.


Ubirr is by far one of Kakadu’s most well-known attractions, and an absolute must-see when you’re visiting the national park.

Ubirr is one of the park’s most famous Aboriginal rock art galleries. Some of the rock art has been around since 30,000 BCE, but most of the paintings are about 2000 years old.

There are five different art galleries you can go to at Ubirr. Some of the most famous artwork you’ll see in these galleries are the Tasmanian tiger, the long-neck turtle, Mimi Spirits, and Namarrkon, a creation ancestor.

You can view the galleries on a one-kilometre walking track which takes around an hour to complete. There is an additional 30 minutes you can do to go to a lookout point, which is definitely worth a visit.

Kakadu National Park

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Australia. The falls are around 200 metres high, making it Kakadu’s tallest and most magnificent waterfall.

During the wet season, you can only see Jim Jim Falls from a helicopter due to the overflow from the falls. But if you visit during the dry season, you have the opportunity to walk through a monsoon forest to reach the base of the falls.

It isn’t recommended to swim at Jim Jim Falls due to the plunge pool being very deep and cold.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in Kakadu. The falls drop from about 150 metres high into a plunge pool. It’s not recommended to swim in the Twin Falls plunge pool due to the water being very cold and deep.

However, at the base of the gorge, there is a small beach area. You can pack some lunch, lounge around the area, and take in the atmosphere.

Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba)

Yellow Water is part of the South Alligator River floodplain where you can easily spend the whole day fishing. The best time to go fishing at Yellow Water is from February to November when your chances of catching a barramundi are highest.

The best way to see the Yellow Water is from a boat cruise. You’ll see massive crocodiles swim through the area, as well as plenty of native bids.

Bird running across lilypads

Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre was developed by the traditional owners of Kakadu. The cultural centre has a large display on Aboriginal culture in Kakadu. Often there are demonstrations held at the centre by artists and weavers, which are definitely worth sticking around for.

If you’re unsure about touring Kakadu on your own, you can always book a guided tour! If you can only do one day, there is a brilliant one-day tour taking you around to Kakadu’s main highlights. If you can do longer than a day, there is an adventurous four-day 4WD tour that will allow you to explore every corner of this beautiful region.

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