Is it better to stay at Cooinda or Jabiru?

Is it better to stay at Cooinda or Jabiru?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/16/2023

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Both towns are great places to stay while you’re exploring the beautiful area of Kakadu.

Kakadu is one of Australia’s largest national parks with a variety of waterfalls, forests, coastal areas, and much more.

It’s ideal to have about three days in the area to explore some of the best parts of Kakadu. But knowing which area of Kakadu is best to stay in between Cooinda and Jabiru can be hard to decide. It depends on what you ideally want to do while staying in Kakadu which determines the better place to stay in.

What’s so good about Cooinda?

Cooinda is a great location to stay in as it’s close to some of Kakadu’s best attractions. The closest attraction near Cooinda is the Yellow Water Cruise which is a must do when in Kakadu. You’ll see a remarkable range of wildlife and scenery here.

You are also near the Warradjan Cultural Centre which is another place to visit when in Kakadu, especially when you’re in Cooinda. There is a range of artefacts that the traditional owners share their stories on.

While in Cooinda, a great getaway place to stay at is the Cooinda Lodge. The lodge has pools, a restaurant and a bar, and you can have your own small courtyard.

The rooms at Cooinda Lodge are comfortable with a garden or park view, and you can stay in a lodge room or a bungalow.

The Yellow Water Cruise departs from the lodge and it’s only a quick walk to go to the Warradjan Cultural Centre.

What does Jabiru have that Cooinda doesn’t?

Jabiru has other major Kakadu attractions that are closer to the town compared to Cooinda. One of the most significant attractions is Ubirr Rock which features ancient rock art. You can explore Ubirr and see the art galleries on an easy one-kilometre walking track.

Nearby Jabiru is Cahills Crossing which is a safe place to view saltwater crocodiles in the wild. Some of the best months to see crocodiles here are from July to November.

One of the most popular accommodations in Kakadu is crocodile shaped hotel, Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel. The hotel has a range of rooms available, with some of the rooms holding up to four people.

Both towns are nearby two iconic waterfalls in Kakadu. Jim Jim Falls and Twins Falls are some of the tallest waterfalls in the Northern Territory.

If you’re unsure where you stay or what to do, there is a three day Kakadu tour where you stay in both towns! You’ll be able to see the main attractions and many more in Kakadu.

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