How do I get from Darwin to Kakadu?

How do I get from Darwin to Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

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Kakadu National Park is one of the world’s true natural wonderlands, a gigantic mass of towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, Indigenous heritage, lush valleys and natural pools.

Whether you’re marvelling upon Nourlangie’s 20,000 year rock art, swimming in the sublime Gunlom plunge pool or taking in the mesmerising Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu is a place to experience Australia’s true wild beauty in one epic adventure!

All this natural wonder could make it sound like Kakadu was in some far flung part of the country. Well, truth be told, it’s not! Kakadu is only a three-hour drive from Darwin, in which you will take the well-developed Stuart and Arnhem highways.

Once there are in for one of the most spectacular travel experiences you could ever imagine, complete with these unforgettable adventures:

East Alligator (Erre)

Situated at Arnhem Land’s entrance, East Alligator is one of the most sublime regions in the national park, with plenty of World Heritage rock art, stunning sunsets, croc-spotting opportunities and rainforest walks just the beginning of a spectacular through one of Kakadu’s most pristine places.

Nourlangie rock art

Kakadu has an Indigienous lineage stretching back aeons, and for over 20,000 years they have been painting Nourlangie shelter’s hallowed walls with stunning rock art. From the outside, Nourlangie is a wildly impressive natural formation, jumping out of the lush valley below, but it’s when you get up into its intersecting paths that you truly understand why this shelter is so special.

There is something truly magical about experiencing rock art that has been there for thousands of years, with pieces detailing even animals that have long been extinct on the mainland…

Gunlom plunge pool

Gunlom Falls is another one of Kakadu’s miraculous natural sites hiding an even more astounding secret up to – the picture perfect Gunlom plunge pool. For swimming with one of the world’s best views, be sure to head up Gunlom – this gorgeously colourful and vibrant natural pool has vistas that stretch for absolute days – there is really nowhere else like it in the world when it comes to having the ultimate refreshing dip…

Jim Jim Falls

Okay, we’re sure you get it now – Kakadu is a land of stunning waterfalls, with the most impressive in its own right being that of Jim Jim Falls. Sitting high at a cheeky 259m, Jim Jim Falls encapsulates everything that makes Australia’s wide and rugged terrain so remarkable.

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