How do you travel through Kakadu National Park?

How do you travel through Kakadu National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/15/2019

Reading time: 3 mins

Sick of the concrete jungle? Lucky for you nestled at the very top of the country is a place that oozes natural beauty, scenery and a true Australian culture vibe.

Kakadu National Park is a wonderland for wildlife and natural phenomenon’s, but how can you make your way through the thick bushland and rough terrain from one sight to the next?

Getting There

  • Fly

    Before even thinking about your plans within Kakadu, first, you have to make your way there. For most travellers, Kakadu can be a bit out of the way. Therefore, flying to the main cities and towns nearby is essential. Flights go into Darwin and Alice Springs regularly, but usually, only for domestic flights are available. Therefore, if you are travelling from overseas, you may need to fly into one of the country’s major cities before hopping on a quick domestic flight. However, this isn’t the end of the road, as travelling to Kakadu from Darwin or Alice Springs is a journey in itself.

  • Drive Yourself

    Driving is basically your only option when travelling into Kakadu National Park. But if you enjoy being the independent traveller, taking a road trip from the main towns or cities nearby Kakadu can offer you a truly unique experience. Taking your time and stopping off along the way to unusual sights and towns you might not have seen can give you an eye-opening experience to the Aussie Outback. Otherwise, if you prefer using up your travel time within the National park, you can do drive it in a simple day, taking only a few hours depending on your starting point.

Getting Around

  • 2WD or 4WD

    The Kakadu National Park is rough terrain, with only dirt tracks and no signs of concrete on any path. Promising steep hills, large bumps in the road, and even flooded sections. Only 2WD or 4WD cars are allowed within the Park, with the 2WD vehicles having limitations on where they can go. 2WD cars are not allowed to leave sealed roads, which makes you miss out on a lot of off-road sights. 4WD cars are much better for the terrain, allowing you to travel over even the toughest path to reach the wondrous natural sites within. However, hiring these types of cars can cost you quite a bit so make sure you understand the costs before rocking up.

  • Tour Bus it

    Skip out on driving, stressing, and organising your day perfectly by simply booking a tour for your holiday. With day trips or week-long adventures, you can choose the perfect tour for you and sit back and relax. Marvelling at the scenic drive straight from your hotel into the lush national park.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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