How long is the walk to Jim Jim Falls?

How long is the walk to Jim Jim Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/12/2022

Reading time: 2 mins

Kakadu National Park is like nowhere else on planet Earth, boasting some of the most awe-inspiring scenery and ancient history that you could ever hope to see in any of the world’s national parks!

From the mesmerising Nourlangie with its eaons-old rock art, through to the sublime Gunlom plunge pool and the pristine Jarrangbarnmi gorge, there really is nowhere else like Kakadu and we absolutely promise it to you…

Another site that makes this majestic land so desirable is Jim Jim Falls, one of Kakadu’s two famous cascades alongside Twin Falls. Jim Jim Falls is absolutely spectacular, one of the most enchanting spots in the national park and a true sight to behold.

What’s more, it’s not even difficult to reach the falls, given there is a cheeky 2 km return walk that takes you through some of the park’s lushest vegetation.

Once you get there you are in for a real treat, as this dazzling cascade is sure to inspire your senses and make you understand why Kakadu is easily one of the world’s best national parks.

These other amazing sites help it along the way, too:


Nourlangie is quite incredible, being a giant monolith that juts out of the monsoonal valley below. But it’s what awaits you inside the magnificent rock that is truly something else.

You see, Nourlangie has acted as a shelter for Indigenous people for thousands of years, and they have proudly painted the walls with some of the oldest Indigenous rock art (part of the world’s oldest continual art form) to be found in the whole country!

Take your time to marvel upon the pieces, some of which date back 20,000 years, and see just how important this sacred site is to the people and why it’s so surreal to visit it.

Gunlom plunge pool

Lavish infinity pools may have been popping up in Singapore, Shanghai, New York and more in recent years, but nature crafted the world’s very best one millions of years ago in the Gunlom plunge pool.

Climbing to the top of Gunlom Falls, you will be blessed with one of the most rewarding, refreshing spots you could ever hope to experience after an upwards trek – the beautiful Gunlom plunge pool.

Serene, sublime and with views for literally days, the Gunlom plunge is a marvel of natural splendour…

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