How old is the rock art at Nourlangie?

How old is the rock art at Nourlangie?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/28/2021

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Ask anyone who has visited Kakadu what their favourite site was and more than likely they will say “Nourlangie!” This wondrous monolith springs out of the vibrant woodland below and beckons you to hike up and its pathways until you reach the shelters that make it world famous!

Aboriginal Rock Art at Nourlangie

Sure, the views from Nourlangie are incredible and expand over large swaths of the national park, but it is the mark that the Gun-djeihmi people left there over thousands of years is what makes this site so truly magical.

Nourlangie is Australia’s most famous rock art site, with images of native animals (some of which have been extinct on the mainland for thousands of years!), X-ray paintings and even some of early contact with European settlers dotting the hallowed walls.

The Nourlangie rock art paintings date back an incredible 20,000 years, and you might be surprised to know that this ties into Indigenous art being the world’s oldest continuous artform, with other paintings dating back an amazing 40,000 years!

Nourlangie is the perfect place to begin your epic Kakadu adventure, which simply must be combined with these stunning experiences…

Croc-spotting cruises

The murky waters of Kakadu National Park are home to Australia’s most fearsome predator, and a lot of them, too. Yes, the Kakadu saltwater crocodile has a population somewhere around the 10,000 mark, so you can be sure that a “croc-spotting cruise” will grant you plenty of opportunities to see these magnificent creatures in their absolute element.

But don’t worry – these tours are entirely safe – just be sure to keep your hands in the boat and you will have an awesome time spotting crocs along the Yellow Water.

Gunlom plunge pool

Mother Nature has crafted some pretty magical things in her time, and one of the most ideal places she has made for swimming has to be that of Kakadu’s Gunlom plunge pool.

This absolutely picturesque waterhole is situated at the bottom of the Gunlom Falls and is the perfect place to cool down after a day’s adventuring around the park.

You can forget all those fancy infinity pools popping up in hotels from Shanghai to New York, this was the natural architect creating such an incredible dipping spot long before they were on trend, and you can see why it’s such an ideal place for a swim as soon as you get there…

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