Injalak Arts and Crafts Centre – Displaying Australia’s rich heritage

Australia’s aboriginal people have a rich culture and heritage that enthrals people from around the world, and while many of the country’s ancient tribes have disappeared, the Kunwinjku people of upper Northern Territory still remain. East of Darwin, near the Kakadu National Park lies the Kunwunjku community of Oenpelli, which acts as a gateway to the vast indigenous lands that spread out beyond it.

A private visit to these lands requires a permit that must be approved by the Northern Lands Council in Jabiru and can take up to 4 weeks to process, group tours, on the other hand, are able to organise these permits far quicker. This system is in place to ensure the preservation of the area and the Kunwinjku tribe, which means that a visit to Oenpelli is a somewhat exclusive opportunity that will allow you to gain an insight into their fascinating way of life.

In Oenpelli you will find the Injalak Arts and Crafts Centre. This organisation supports the production of quality aboriginal art and provides a unique experience for all who have the good fortune of visiting. The center will allow you to browse through the wide selection of aboriginal artworks, paintings, and native crafts like the didgeridoo. What really makes the Centre special, however, is the chance to watch the on-site painters and artisans as they run through the intriguing process of creation, carving, painting and weaving. The wide range of fine art over a variety of different styles and mediums produced here is a true reflection of the skill and ingenuity of the Kunwinjku people.

Australian indigenous art is the oldest unbroken tradition of art in the world, from ancient rock paintings to modern-day canvas, this incredible custom has withstood the test of time. At the Injalak Arts and Crafts Centre, the talented artists bring the simplistic style of rock painting to life as they find inspiration from their connection to the ancestors and the ancient dreamtime stories that have been passed down over generations. On a trip to Oenpelli, you will have the chance to visit some of the surrounding rock paintings to give you a broader perspective on the roots of this incredible tradition.

The Injalak Arts and Crafts Centre is an awe-inspiring destination where you will learn about the indigenous Australian people’s proud heritage and have the unique opportunity of immersing yourself in an aboriginal community.

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