Cahills Crossing

Cahills Crossing, Kakadu

Arnhem Highway/Oenpelli Rd, Kakadu, NT 0822

Drive the notorious Cahills Crossing in Kakadu

Cahill's Crossing, Kakadu National Park

The incredible Kakadu National Park is world famous for many things: ancient Indigenous rock art, cascading waterfalls, endless vistas, surreal rock formations and crocs – lots of giant, scaly crocs. One of the best, and most notorious, places to see these prehistoric beasts is at Cahills Crossing, a river causeway that eager visitors traverse in four-wheel-drives at low tide or come to watch the crocs feed at high tide.

Whether you’re a budding four-wheel-driver or simply keen to see arguably Australia’s most fearsome predator, you’re sure to enjoy this part of the East Alligator River regardless – it’s that beautiful!

Just be sure to check the tides before crossing and obtain a permit from the Northern Land Council, as the crossing takes you into Indigenous land that requires permission to enter.

So, now that you know one of the best spots to catch salties in action, here are some of the other unforgettable experiences you should not pass up in Kakadu National Park.

  • See extraordinary ancient rock art

    The Nourlangie region of Kakadu has provided the local Indigenous people with shelter from monsoonal rains for thousands of years. Here, you can explore these ancient shelters, as well as marvel at amazing rock paintings from thousands of years ago, detailing life in Kakadu from a bygone era.

  • Take a croc-spotting cruise

    If, for some reason, you were unable to see any crocs at Cahills Crossing (or you just want to see a lot more!), then a sunrise cruise along the Yellow Water Billabong is sure to show you an abundance of these beasts in their element! Not only does this wonderful tour get you up and close (but not too close) to Kakadu’s apex predator, but it also allows you the opportunity to see some of the national park’s other unique wildlife and vegetation in the glorious morning light.

  • Head out to Koolpin Gorge

    Koolpin Gorge, or Jarrangbarnmi, is one of Kakadu’s most remote and unspoiled attractions, and is totally worth the permit and journey out there. There are only a handful of people allowed into the gorge each day, meaning you might have large swathes of the region completely to yourself! Trek the stunning gorge before going for a well-earned swim in one of the region’s waterholes or waterfalls – just be sure to check for any safety signs warning you about salties!

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