Is Twin Falls open in Kakadu?

Is Twin Falls open in Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/12/2021

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Twin Falls is one of Kakadu’s most majestic sites: a giant, split cascade towering 150m above the deep pool below. This marvellous natural beauty is perfect in both the dry and wet seasons, with each period providing magnificent views and different opportunities to experience this incredible part of the park!

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is most certainly open for tourists, who revel in the opportunity to either walk right up to the base of the amazing escarpment or view its powerful cascading waters from a little further away.

Twin Falls is easily one of the most majestic landmarks in Kakadu, alongside some of these other wonderful experiences.

Nourlangie Shelter

Nourlangie is a monolithic rock formation leaping out of the woodlands below, making it one of the most incredible places in all of Kakadu to enjoy a spot of hiking.

But it’s not the hike itself that makes Nourlangie so special – it’s what awaits you when you get up there! Nourlangie is home to a series of ancient Indigenous rock paintings that add to the art form being the world’s oldest.

Some pieces at Nourlangie are around a whopping 20,000 years old, making it one of Australia’s oldest rock art sites. Nourlangie is truly a magnificent place to experience some of Australia’s oldest Indigenous culture, and it is the perfect way to introduce you to the wondrous Kakadu.


Jarrangbarnmi, or the Koolpin Gorge, is a remote and highly fabled section of the park that is only accessible if you have a 4WD and a permit! Why do you need a permit? Because Jarrangbarnmi is an important cultural and environmental site, and so visitor numbers are limited so as to not obstruct the land.

Luckily, that makes this gorgeous part of Kakadu mostly people-free, and you might even have large swaths of the gorge to yourself!

Croc-spotting cruises

Kakadu is famed for being home to one of Australia’s most ferocious reptiles: the terrifying saltwater crocodile. You don’t want to find yourself getting too close to these hungry beasts, and so the best way to experience them in person is to climb aboard a Yellow Water croc-spotting cruise.

You will be incredibly safe on the boat as a knowledgeable guide points out these prehistoric predators to you – just be sure to keep your hands within the rails at all times!

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