Kick Back and Relax at Buley Rockholes

Kick Back and Relax at Buley Rockholes

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/29/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

About an hour and a half outside of Darwin, the Litchfield National Park harbours one of the best swimming spots in the Northern Territory.

Buley Rockholes are a firm favourite for both locals and tourists thanks to the collection of cascading rock pools. When the weather is nice, people pack up their cars and head to the rocks to kick back, relax, and soak up the sunshine.

It certainly helps that the surrounding scenery is just as picturesque, with lush forests, mesmerising waterfalls, and charming hiking routes. There is a selection of deep plunge pools perfect for swimming and splashing around in. Plus shallow rock ponds where you can recline with a cold drink and let the fast-moving rapids give you a shoulder massage. What more could you want?

Getting to Buley Rockholes is easy. Set just outside of Darwin in the Litchfield National Park, it can be found down a short side street near the road to Florence Falls.

Things to do at Buley Rockholes

There are plenty of things to do at Buley Rockholes, so set aside a couple of hours to make the most of this hotspot.

  • Swimming

    Of course the number one activity at Buley Rockholes is swimming. It’s as if the plunge pools and cool shallows were made for it. The network of layered pools makes for a fun way to stay active. Plus they’re a beautiful place to cool off in the heat of the Australian sun.

  • Enjoy the Views

    The scenery that surrounds Buley Rockholes is absolutely beautiful. There are lush forests, layered waterfalls, and plenty of stunning views to soak up. When you’re relaxing in the pools, don’t forget to take a look around you and marvel at the incredible landscape.

  • Take a Hike

    There are plenty of walking routes set around Buley Rockholes that take in some of the best views in Litchfield National Park. There’s scenic bush to discover and plenty of flora and fauna to keep an eye out for.

  • Kick Back and Relax

    But perhaps the best way to enjoy Buley Rockholes is to pack a picnic and really relax alongside the peaceful pools. There are lots of private spots where you can enjoy your lunch with spectacular scenery creating the perfect backdrop.

Practical Information

It’s possible to camp at Buley Rockholes if you want to spend more time in the area. At the designated site, there are cold showers, toilets, and a wooden fireplace. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for crocodiles though!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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