Refresh and Unwind at the Corroboree Tavern & Bark Hut Inn

Refresh and Unwind at the Corroboree Tavern & Bark Hut Inn

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/21/2016

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The Corroboree Tavern and Bark Hut Inn promises visitors an iconic experience in the Northern Territory. Acting as a roadhouse, restaurant, and traveller’s rest stop, it hosts a whole load of fun activities for you to get stuck into.

These days, the Bark Hut Inn gives a hat tip to the region’s fascinating past, where buffalo and crocodile hunting were rife. Today, it offers deluxe cabins, a campsite, and a rustic bar to enjoy a drink or two in.

The History of Corroboree Tavern and Bark Hut Inn

The Tavern and Inn was built by Terry Baldwin, the former owner of Annaburroo Station, in 1963. After arriving from New Zealand in 1950 on the hunt for adventure, Baldwin travelled through the outback in New South Wales. At the time, a devastating drought had wiped out thousands of sheep. The locals wouldn’t touch them, so Baldwin began to take the wool from their backs. This was quite the lucrative endeavour, as wool prices began to skyrocket after the Korean War.

Baldwin used this money to buy the Annaburroo Station, which was slap-bang in the centre of frontier country. Known for its crocodiles, Barramundi, and buffalo, the country was sparse.

He built the pub by hand, using ironwood and materials he could get his hands on in the local vicinity. Using the help of the local Aboriginal people, he created a strong bond with them. When Kakadu National Park was opened in the 1980s, the Arnhem Highway was built right outside the Inn. The highway was important in boosting tourism and bringing an influx of curious travellers with it.

Today, whether you’re a traveller, a fisherman, or a local resident, the Bark Hut Inn provides a whole host of things to do.

Things to do at Bark Hut Inn

  • Memorabilia

    The bar itself is full of old memorabilia, which keeps the eyes busy while enjoying a pint or two.

  • Grab a Bite

    The in-house restaurant serves up hearty Australian dishes seven days a week to keep you refuelled on your travels.

  • Accommodation

    The Inn offers a range of comfortable accommodation options, including deluxe cabins, fisherman cabins, and a campsite.

  • Pet the Animals

    The Bark Hut Inn is home to a range of furry and feathered friends, which all welcome guests with open arms (or paws).

  • Take a Dip

    The on-site pool is the perfect place to unwind after a long day driving. Cool off in the refreshing water, or simply relax around its vicinity with a drink in hand.

  • Enjoy the Views

    Walk up the hill outside the Bark Hut Inn and soak up the majestic views across the surrounding hills, mountains, and wetlands. The view is particularly good at sunset.

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