What animals live in Kakadu?

What animals live in Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/28/2020

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Kakadu is a natural paradise for wildlife, featuring dozens of ecosystems including floodplains, billabongs and rugged stone country.

Home to countless animals and over two thousand plant species, if you’re looking for some wild spotting of Australia’s best animals, Kakadu is the place to visit.

  • Saltwater crocodiles

    By far one of the most frightening creatures you can come across is the Saltwater Crocodiles. Being the world’s largest reptiles, growing up to 6 to 7 meters and weighing over 1,000 kilograms. They can be found in Kakadu’s murky waters, roaming nearby the shallow shores in search for their next snack. Seeing these creatures without a professional tour or guide is strongly discouraged, as they are extremely dangerous. The best way to see these magnificent beasts is via a crocodile jumping tour, setting out on a boat to see the crocs surrounding you in the Kakadu water.

  • Snakes

    The slithering snakes of Kakadu may be a fearsome sight for many visitors to see when visiting the region, but their abundance in the region makes them a common animal spotting. The range of species is diverse, with all of them having their scale patterns, colours, characteristics, and personalities. Typically found sunbaking on hot rocks or slithering across the roads, you can see these amazing creatures from afar if you are lucky!

  • Frogs

    There about 25 different species of frogs found about Kakadu, with guests discovering them burrowed in the mud, swimming through the water, or even hanging about on the moist leaves of the area. Head to the billabong habitat of Kakadu and listen closely to the many frog calls that drift through the region!

  • Birds

    With a whopping 280 species of bird found in Kakadu, one of the best places to animal spot is by watching the skies. During the wet season, the floodplains burst and the birds frolic together for their breeding season. This is one of the best times to see these creatures, as they continually interact as they dance for their potential mates, fight their competition, and more! All of these birds have their signature look, with long or short becks, colourful or plain feathers, and many more distinctive features which gives them a completely unique look compared to the hundreds of birds around.

  • Mammals

    Undoubtedly one of the fan favourites for tourists trekking about Kakadu. There are around 60 species of mammals hidden throughout Kakadu. With the more well-known animals including wallabies, wombats, and possums, whereas the more usual animals include Sugar gliders, Brush-tailed phascogales and Northern quolls. Simply trek through the thick bushland quietly for a chance to come across these truly fascinating creatures!

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