Why You Should Visit the Yellow Water Billabong

Why You Should Visit the Yellow Water Billabong

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/10/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

The Kakadu National Park is home to an extraordinary range of natural wonders. From cascading waterfalls to ancient rock formations.

But by far one of the best to see it the Yellow Water Billabong, featuring a huge expanse of wetlands.

About the Yellow Water Billabong

Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu

Located in the heart of Kakadu National Park, the Yellow Water Billabong promises visitors the chance to journey through the stunning wetland. Seeing some amazing scenery that is jam-packed with incredible wildlife. The traditional name for the region is Ngurrungurrudjba, with the area being apart of the Indigenous community for thousands of years.

What you can do there

  • Stroll the Boardwalks

    One of the best ways to discover the wildlife and scenery of the wetlands is by walking throughout! The Boardwalks weave throughout the region, letting you immerse yourself in this picturesque region. The wildlife at the Yellow Water Billabong is found throughout, so even just a quick 15-minute walk will guarantee you plenty of wildlife spotting. Birdlife is by far the biggest wildlife appeal, with hundreds of varieties flying or swimming the wetlands. Read the informational signs dotted about to learn more about these creatures when you see them up close. Come during the sunset for a truly mesmerising setting, as the orange and pink sun reflects onto the water, making for the perfect insta worthy photo!

  • Fish the region

    Yellow Water Billabong is one of the best places to fish all of Australia. Its waters are jam-packed with numerous species of fish, and due to the billabong itself forming part of the South Alligator River System, the fishes are everchanging. You don’t even need to be a pro fisher to enjoy, with all levels of experience able to catch at least a couple fish! However, be aware that you aren’t the only predator roaming the waters, with the Saltwater Crocodiles of Australia found swimming through the murky waters of the wetlands. See these terrifying and extraordinary creatures hunt alongside you, grabbing the fish or birds roaming nearby!

  • Take a Cruise

    Exploring the waterways via boat, with the official Yellow Water Billabong cruise open for visitors. Here you can hop on and enjoy a spectacular experience along the river top. Enjoying a number of wildlife encounters and jaw-dropping views of the area. See the billabong from a different perspective as you glide along the surface of the water or stop in the middle of the region. No matter what time you choose to do this cruise, we guarantee you’ll be in awe!

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