Kakadu Bird Week

Kakadu Bird Week

Kakadu National Park is home to one-third of all Australian bird species. One third! That’s 280 different types of birds for you to find.

With its wonderful array of native Australian bird life, Kakadu National Park was voted Australia’s number one birdwatching destination by Australian Geographic. To celebrate the expanse bird life of the region each year, the park holds Kakadu Bird Week.

Running from September 28th to October 5th Kakadu Bird Week is a celebration of the diverse bird life of the Northern Territory. Over the week, you can meet with traditional owners and bird life experts to learn more about the species that call Kakadu home. Bird life photography workshops, twitching tours, and ranger talks will fill your week with brilliant bird exploration.

What types of bird can I see at Kakadu?

With so many distinct landscapes within the Kakadu National Park, the birds you can see will vary. You’ll find waterbirds around billabongs, kingfishers and honeyeaters in the woodlands, or grasswrens on rocky escarpments near Arnhem land. The biodiversity of Kakadu means you’ll spot both common and rare bird life on your trip, so pack your camera!

Bird watching ethics

Every bird lover has one species that they are desperate to see in the wild. To ensure the safety of all the wildlife in the park, Kakadu promotes minimal interaction experiences with wildlife not only during Kakadu Bird Week but throughout the whole year.

With moving digital technologies, new ways to attract and find birds have emerged. However they might not always be a good thing. As more bird call playback apps are added to mobile application stores, Kakadu National Park requests that you resist from using them. Resident birds cannot tell that the sounds are recorded, and their responses to the recorded calls may leave them vulnerable to other birds or predators. Kakadu is home for these animals, we are just visitors.

Finding your must-see bird

Now you’re ready to go bird watching and you have your sights set on finding that one special species. Problem is, you’ll have no chance of finding them if you’re not looking in the right places. To help you on your search, here is how to find the best environment for your bird:

  • Wetland birds in Kakadu

    As the tropical summer hits Kakadu, signalling the start of mating season, an influx of waterbirds can be found. In the wetlands alone there are over 60 bird species. Some of the most identifiable are brolgas, comb-crested jacanas, egrets, and plumed whistling ducks (yes, they whistle!). The chances of seeing waterbirds in the wetlands are high, with most species in this habitat having strong population numbers. To grow your birding knowledge why not head to a free evening lecture, lectures run from 7:30 pm throughout Kakadu Bird Week.

  • Woodland birds in Kakadu

    The woodlands are home to some of Australia’s most iconic bird life, including blue-winged kookaburras. The stunning array of flora in the woodland regions makes the perfect habitat for small lorikeets and honeyeaters. The flighty, bright birds move tree-to-tree eating the nectar of eucalyptus flowers. If you are lucky, you may even spot the rare Gouldian finch. Their blue helmets, purple chest, and yellow underside make these multi-coloured birds Australia’s brightest finch species. If you’re wanting to glimpse these beautiful birds join a free early morning woodland birding walk throughout Kakadu Bird Week.

  • Birds of Kakadu escarpments

    The rocky escarpments in the north of Kakadu, looking towards Arnhem Land is home to more wildlife than you might expect. Despite its dry and barren appearance, these cliffs have their own thriving eco-system. Here you can find chestnut-quilled rock pigeons and the ever elusive white-throated grasswren. Keep a careful eye out and you may find them darting between small tufts of spinifex (desert grass). Try to catch one of the free ranger talks at Ubirr this Kakadu Bird Week to learn more.

No matter where in Kakadu National Park you find yourself, you’ll have an egg-cellent time this Kakadu Bird Week!

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