Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park

Kakadu, Northern Territory 0822

Kakadu National Park is one of the Northern Territory’s best-loved treasures. Boasting a landscape filled with rocky escarpment and cascading waterfalls, it’s the perfect place to discover the natural beauty of Australia.

Twin Falls, NT

The Twin Falls is one of the most famous sites within the stunning confines of the park, and are one of the major reasons a lot of travellers head to the region.

Taking pride of place in the World Heritage Listed region, there are numerous ways to see the Falls – expect incredible views and a surreal swathe of scenery the sprawls out in every direction.

You can grab tickets for the popular boat shuttle at the nearby Bowali Visitor Centre, but you can also opt to explore the falls via the on-site boardwalk that has been created especially for prime viewing purposes.

If you’re visiting during the dry season, it’s worth noting that the waterfall will slow to a trickle. It might not be as impressive as during the wet season, but it’s still a pretty sight to see.

Things to do & see at Twin Falls

Twin Falls, NT

The most popular way to see Twin Falls is via the boat shuttle. This cruise takes you along the picturesque length of the river and lets you see the falls themselves from a unique perspective.

This particular form of exploration was put in place to protect the surrounding wildlife. It allows the resident crocodiles and birds to nest and feed in peace without having to contend with crowds of visitors on the little beaches that flank the banks.

Alternatively, (or in addition to), you can also walk to the top of Twin Falls. The steep climb begins in the visitor’s car park and takes a couple of hours to complete – it’s a 6km return trip.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be exposed to breath-taking views of the Twin Falls Gorge below. Here, there is the chance to swim and cool off after your amble to the top.

If you follow the creek along for another kilometre or so, you’ll find a couple of bigger pools dotted around. These mark the perfect spot for a picnic and a relaxing sit down, though you may find you’ll have to share the scenery with other visitors as it can get quite busy during peak season.

Twin Falls is a must-see if you’re in Kakadu National Park. This picturesque waterfall boasts ancient scenery, and gives you the chance to enjoy mesmerising views across the surroundings.

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