Get to know Kakadu National Park’s neighbour

Get to know Kakadu National Park’s neighbour

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/15/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Kakadu National Park is a beautiful region of the Northern Territory and just a short drive away is its sometimes-forgotten neighbour.

Litchfield National Park is an incredibly lush region just two hours drive from Darwin. It’s so close to Darwin that many of our tours visit both Litchfield and Kakadu!

Litchfield is filled with beautiful crashing waterfalls spattered among a lush monsoon forest. When the falls are flowing there is nothing more refreshing than dipping your toes in the natural pools and breathing in the crisp fresh air. Litchfield National Park is a wonderful place to get in touch with nature and reset your soul.

  • Termite Mounds

    Litchfield is home to some amazing landscapes, but some of the most unique features of the area is the giant termite mounds. Marvel as the two-metre-high formations built by armies of termites. The large Cathedral mounds provide an interesting insight to how these creatures live.

    Look at the angles of each mound and consider the movement of the sun each day. These tropical climates get incredibly hot and you’ll notice the mounds all face away from the sun, so that the searing heat does not beam directly onto the surface of the mound each day.

    These mounds have stood the test of time, growing over for a hundred years increasing in size year on year. Termites use their saliva to create these magnificent homes.

  • Swimming

    Just like Kakadu, there are many beautiful waterfalls and natural pools scatted throughout the park. Swim underneath a softly flowing waterfall for the best free shoulder massage you’ll ever receive. Or float in a pool for hours on end, just remember to wear your sunscreen! The hotter the weather the better as so many of these pools will be much cooler than you expect them to be.

    One of the most popular pools is the Buley Rockhole. Here are a delightful collection of cascading rock pools for you to enjoy. Splash about in the shallows with the family or enjoy the deep plunge pool for something super refreshing!

  • 4WDing and the Lost City

    In a hidden part of the national park, there is a collection of large sandstone outcrops known as the Lost City. To reach the lost city you’ll need a 4WD and experienced driver, this track is not for the faint-hearted.

    Once you’ve reached the lost city you’ll be amazed that these structures are not manmade. Wind and rain has pelted these formations for thousands of years to create the formations you see today. The Lost City formations are spread across a small area, giving the impression there was once a whole town here.

    The Lost City is an amazing sight to see, so plan ahead and if you can be sure to be with experienced drivers or you won’t be able to make it there.

    Litchfield National Park is an incredibly beautiful region that absolutely cannot be missed. If Darwin or Kakadu are already on your bucket list you simply must add Litchfield.

Many of our Kakadu tours will take you to Litchfield also, so start planning your post isolation trip and we’ll get you to all the best parts of Australia’s Top End.

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