Explore Litchfield National Park

Explore Litchfield National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/05/2018

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The Litchfield National Park boasts an ancient landscape packed full of breath-taking natural scenery and a plethora of wildlife encounters.

The wild backdrop is ideal for adventurous travellers. Explore the rugged parts of Australia before taking a dip in one of the many refreshing swimming spots.

Languishing beneath rainforest canopies and amidst sweeping grasslands, the plunge pools and swimming holes of Litchfield provide the best place to soak up the surrounding scenery. Here are some of the best.

The Best Swimming Holes in Litchfield National Park

  • Buley Rockhole

    Perhaps the most popular swimming spot in Litchfield, Buley Rockhole is home to a beautiful collection of cascading rock pools . Set a short drive from the bustle of Darwin, they are easy to reach and make for the ideal afternoon trip. Depending on your mood, you can choose from either the deeper plunge pools or the shallower rock ponds.

  • Mataranka Thermal Pool

    The thermal pool at Mataranka looks like it’s just stepped out of a fairytale. Nestled beneath lush rainforest canopies and boasting impossibly blue waters, it is one of the biggest draws of the region. It’s fed by fresh spring water from the Daly and Georgina basins maintains and very pleasant temperature of 34 degrees. As well as providing a great place to swim and splash about, the warm waters are thought to have healing properties.

  • Edith Falls

    The pools at Edith Falls are a little more exposed than Mataranka, with waters flanked by paperbark and pandanus trees. Surrounding the pool, there are plenty of campsites and forests to take a wander through before taking a dip to cool off in the warm Australian sun.

  • Tjaynera Falls

    If you want something a little less mainstream and where there will be fewer crowds, head over to Tjaynera Falls. It is only accessible by a maintained four-wheel drive track, but it’s well worth the adventure to admire the beautiful scenery and the secluded waters.

Litchfield National Park is a haven of beauty spots and a must-visit. Here you can experience some of the natural scenery that characterises Darwin and its surroundings. There are plenty of rock pools and swimming spots to enjoy, providing the perfect backdrop to relax and unwind after exploring and hiking through the lush rainforest and sprawling grasslands.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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