Things to See Along the Stuart Highway

Things to See Along the Stuart Highway

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/07/2018

Reading time: 3 mins

Australia’s Red Centre carves a surreal path through the centre of the country, connecting up Darwin to Adelaide via the Stuart Highway.

The route itself passes through many of Australia’s famed national parks, like Kakadu, and takes in some of the quirkiest attractions around. Sprawling out for more than 3,000 kilometres, there is plenty to see.

Here are some of the best stops to make on the way.

  • 1. Berry Springs Nature Park

    Located around 50 kilometres outside of busy and historic Darwin, the Berry Springs Nature Park offers visitors a relaxing and refreshing oasis to enjoy. The scenery here is breath-taking, while the crystal clear pools are fed by sparkling spring water for a cooling dip. Elsewhere, the lush greenery harks back hundreds of years and native species take cover under trees.

  • 2. Daly Waters Pub

    The Daly Waters Pub is one of Australia’s most famous watering holes. Set six hours from Darwin and two hours from the majestic pools of Mataranka, this welcome break dates back to 1893. Today, it is famous for its collection of underwear that hangs on the walls. Remnants from past visitors who wanted to leave their mark. Grab a drink here, tuck into a hearty meal, or spend the night if you want to stay longer.

  • 3. Devils Marbles

    Australia’s outback is a natural gallery of weird and wonderful rock formations. However none are quite as puzzling as the Devils Marbles. Found down the road from the popular Wycliffe Well, this geological formation is made up of huge granite boulders precariously balanced on top of each other. What an absolute feat of nature! Known as Karlu Karlu in local language, these rocks are imbued with centuries of stories. Plus, they make the perfect backdrop for watching the sunrise or sunset.

  • 4. Alice Springs

    Set almost directly halfway between Adelaide and Darwin, Alice Springs is one of the most popular pitstops on the Stuart Highway. It really is the heart of the Red Centre, with its traditional outback scenery and cultural attractions. The town was originally a telegraph station, but it has since become a thriving hub of activity with plenty of hiking trails, mountain ranges, and good coffee spots to enjoy.

The Stuart Highway carves a long and winding route through the heart of Australia. The numerous pitstops along it are well worth stopping off it, whether you want to cool off in sparkling pools or grab a drink.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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