What is Nourlangie Rock known for?

What is Nourlangie Rock known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2024

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Kakadu has some of the most impressive rock art sites, with Nourlangie (Burrungkuy) being one of them.

Burrungkuy is known to have some incredible Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park. Some of the art here is about 20,000 years old! The site sits on the Mirarr people’s land, who are the traditional owners of the land.

The rock art displays a range of subjects that were painted during different periods in the past 20,000 years. The most popular artworks here include all kinds of animals, Namarrkon (lightning man), and European sailing ships.

Nourlangie Rock Australia

Burrungkuy main gallery and shelter walk

The best way to see the fascinating rock art is by following this 1.5-kilometre circuit route.

Essentially the walk takes you around to all the different shelters, artefacts, and paintings. The walk goes by the Kunwarddewarddle lookout, allowing you to overlook the area and Anbangbang Billabong.

Spot the local wildlife

While looking at the rock art of Burrungkuy, you could spot a couple of the local animals in the area. Keep an eye around for all the different types of birds around the forest and billabong. There are also some crocodiles in the billabong that you could spot, keep a look out for their eyes in the water!

You could see in the early morning or late afternoon black wallaroos, which are the smallest kangaroo species.

Spend a night camping

About a 20-minute drive from Burrungkuy are two different campgrounds. For a quiet campground with showers and toilets, you should go to the Djarradjin (Muirella Park) campground. The campground is also near Djarradjin Billabong where you can do some fishing or spotting out some crocodiles and birds.

Tucked away is the Sandy Billabong (Djirrilba) campground best suited for off-road camper trailers. All around the campground are a large population of the local birds.

To see the art rock, ensure you have purchased an NT park pass as Burrungkuy is within Kakadu National Park. You can buy the park pass online.

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