What to pack on a safari?

What to pack on a safari?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/24/2019

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Australia’s biggest national park, Kakadu is a wildlife paradise home to fascinating natural formations and unique scenery.

Instead of stopping in for only a day, many travellers will spend a weekend or week-long safari through the lush Aussie outback. But as Kakadu is home to a harsh terrain that isn’t your typical holiday vacation, packing from your alternative sundresses and flip-flops will work in your favour. Follow our list to what to bring on your Kakadu Safari adventure.

  • Walking shoes

    Undoubtedly the most essential item in your suitcase; walking shoes. The government protects Kakadu’s region, meaning that the only change in the natural scenery is the narrow dirt paths for 4WD. This means no walking paths and rough rocks to climbs, thick bushes to push away, and an overall tough day of walking from site to site. Hiking, runners, or walking sandals all are suitable for the adventure and is vital if you want to skip out on red blisters and unclimbable obstacles.

  • Clothes

    Kakadu is famously known for its six seasons, changing from continuous storms, dry desert land, or blooming plant life. Therefore working out which season you will be travelling in will determine your outfits. If you are travelling in the wetter seasons, waterproof gear is best, including raincoats, a hiking pole, and light clothes to layer. The dry seasons need plenty of sun protection, with breathable clothing, and bathers for swimming. Even if the days can be hot, some seasons can switch at night, so make sure you have some warm night gear as well.

  • Lotions and Sprays

    Pack yourself some extra protection from the sun and bugs, with sunscreen and bug repellent becoming your new best friend during your safari. Make sure to pack right bug repellent for the climate, as each climate area can help you with the local critters.

  • Worthwhile extras

    The extra weighs in your bag will all be worth it when you take out these precious goodies. Packing a camera is essential on your trip, for who of your friends will believe your stories of terrifying animals or stunning scenery without proof? If you want to discover the area after dusk, packing a headgear can help you immerse in the bushland without a problem. And even discover the deep waters of Kakadu with a mask and snorkel, letting you travel down to the lake floors to spot the turtles or plant life within.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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