Why you should visit Kakadu’s East Alligator River

Why you should visit Kakadu’s East Alligator River

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2021

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The Kakadu National Park is home to a number of fabulous natural wonders, from cascading waterfalls to thick bushland.

Ubirr, Kakadu National Park

Take in the wonderland and visit the attraction known as the East Alligator River, renowned for being one of the richest biological regions in the park.

What to Do at East Alligator River

  • East Alligator River Cruise

    Take in the wonderful pristine wilderness of this World Heritage landscape as you slowly cruise down the river. There are multiple cruises available for you to enjoy. An Aboriginal guide that offers guests a better insight into the local Indigenous community’s culture, as well as the river’s connection to this culture. Otherwise, you can hop on the Crocodile Cruise, which lets you see these prehistoric reptiles as they roam the murky waters around you. Regardless of which cruise you choose, you can see an astonishing amount of wonders during your travels.

  • Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock

    Once the home of the ancient ancestors of the Indigenous people of this land, these two rock formations are truly worth the visit. The main appeal for these rock caves is the leftover illustrations that are found on the rock walls. Created by these past people and being preserved for thousands of years, making these drawings some of the oldest historical records of people on Earth. Travelers can get a better experience of this ancient civilization by seeing their drawings up close and personal, as well as listening to the professional guide’s tales of the Indigenous’ people’s beliefs, tragic past, and current situation.

  • Walking Tracks

    You don’t have to simply cruise down the river to enjoy the region’s attractions, with multiple walking trails littered throughout the area. Simply lace up your walking shoes and head off along the paths, spotting to enjoy the picnic tables and lookout spots lining the way. Head into the Manngarre Rainforest Walk and immerse yourself in the lush monsoon forest alongside the river banks. Or trek along the Cahills Crossing which features a viewing platform to see the local crocodiles at a safe distance. For a tougher walk, you can try out the Sandstone and River Walk, which loops around the Catfish Creek, billabongs, sandstone ridges, for an hour-long wander.

  • Camping

    Don’t leave the region once nightfall across the region, but instead set up a tent at the Merl Campgrounds nearby. This camping area is safe from any crocodiles or other predators in the area and can let you enjoy the lush bushland without the crowd. If you are lucky, you might even come across a few unique animals which only emerge in the dark of night.

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