3 must-see waterfalls in Kakadu

3 must-see waterfalls in Kakadu

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/18/2023

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Kakadu has ancient Aboriginal rock art, lush rainforests, incredible waterfalls, and breathtaking views.

Three hours out of Darwin takes you to an incredible national park in the Northern Territory. Filled with ancient landscapes and must-see attractions, including the waterfalls.

As with all waterfalls, the best time to see them is after a lot of rain. Luckily Darwin has the wet season where it rains for around six months. This means you will have to go on a helicopter ride to view the waterfalls at their very best. In the dry season, there are platform viewpoints to view the waterfalls and the chance to swim in some of them.

1. Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is Kakadu’s tallest waterfall being 200 metres high! Jim Jim Falls is most impressive during the wet season after a lot of heavy rainfall.

The best way to see Jim Jim Falls is during the wet season by air. Or if you come during the dry season you can walk through the forest and get to the base of the waterfall.

2. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in Kakadu. This waterfall has a split cascade which is best to see the water drop 150 metres high into the deep pool in the wet season.

If you fancy for some swimming, nearby there is a plateau above Twin Falls where you can swim in the dry season.

3. Moto Car Falls

Moto Car Falls is a small yet popular waterfall in Kakadu. The falls are surrounded by the monsoon forest which makes the area shady and cool, the perfect place to be on a hot day. There are also large smooth boulders around the water with small fish and long-neck turtles.

To see the waterfall you will need to walk a 7.5 kilometre return track, but at least once you’ve arrived at the waterfall, you can cool off in the clear water. The waterfall is open for most of the year but can sometimes be closed during the peak time in the wet season.

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