How do I get to Koolpin Gorge?

How do I get to Koolpin Gorge?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/14/2021

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Kakadu National Park is easily one of Australia’s most miraculous natural expanses: an incredible wilderness traversing large swathes of the Northern Territory. But what makes Kakadu so spectacular is the abundance of unforgettable adventures that await you in its hallowed expanse…

Kakadu Crocodile

One of such adventures is a journey out to Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge). Jarrangbarni is situated in a far-flung region of the national park, far from the everyday spots that are so popular with tourists!

But what awaits you is some of the most pristine and wondrous land in all of Australia, with spectacular waterholes and abundant wildlife awaiting you far from the influx of tourists that stick to the park’s top attractions.

Given its isolated location, you need to hop aboard a 4WD to get you out to this part of the park, but not before obtaining a permit for entering. Why? Because Jarrangbarnmi is a sacred Indigenous site that also holds environmental protection, and visitor numbers are limited to ensure the area doesn’t become overrun by tourists and rubbish!

Jarrangbarnmi will make you feel like you are some of the only people for a very, very long stretch of land and time. It is a serenely isolated part of the park and the world at large, making it a truly special place to visit when heading to the marvellous Kakadu National Park.

Be sure to enjoy these adventures when you get back to the main section of the park…


Nourlangie shelter is an incredible rock formation that leaps out of the red earth below, providing spectacular views to those who hike up to its amazing passages.

But it’s not just the views that make Nourlangie so special: the rock shelter works as a natural gallery housing a continuous exhibition of Indigenous rock art paintings thousands of years old!

There is something incredibly sobering about experiencing this part of Kakadu, as you have the opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture from long before the Europeans arrived, as well as marvel at some of the oldest known artwork in human history…

Croc-spotting tours

Kakadu is home to one of Mother Nature’s most ferocious and formidable beasts: the incredible saltwater crocodile! The best thing about this is that you can go on unforgettable croc-spotting tours that allow you to spy these prehistoric predators from the safety of a guided cruise.

Just keep your hands inside the boat and you’ll be right!

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