How many days do you need in Kakadu?

How many days do you need in Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/26/2021

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Kakadu National Park is a natural wonderland, complete with otherworldly biodiversity and astounding scenery.

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu

Whether it’s traversing the ancient shelters at Nourlangie, going for a well-deserved dip at the Gunlom plunge pool or heading out to the idyllic, remote Koolpin Gorge, Kakadu easily provides one of Australia’s most abundant natural landscapes.

So, with a seemingly endless amount of incredible adventures on hand in the national park, how many days does one nature lover need to enjoy its surreal landscape?

To be truthful, it all depends on how keen you are to take in some, or all, of this most awe-inspiring location. With this in mind, let’s talk you through some amazing things to do on one day in the park, through to a five day, all-inclusive adventure.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

One day in the park

One day in the Kakadu National Park is one of the best ways to spend a day in Australia. It allows you to experience a “lite” version of touring the park, with the chance to view ancient Aboriginal rock art, spot a few saltwater crocodiles lazing about and check out the natural splendour that Kakadu’s wetlands have to offer. A day tour is great for visiting the Nourlangie Rock Art Site, a truly astounding place that has been used as a shelter for the local indigenous community for thousands of years.

Next, it’s a great idea to go croc spotting, because who doesn’t want to see some of these prehistoric beasts in their absolute element? You’re truly on their turf, and a billabong cruise is the best (and safest!) way to see these scaly beasts chill out and have a feed.

Five days in the park

Five days in the Kakadu National Park are going to be five of the best days of your life – we guarantee it. In this time you will get to experience absolutely everything that makes this national treasure so awe-inspiring. Not only will you get to experience the above-mentioned activities, but you will have the time to gorgeous spots like the impressive Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, the stunning Koolpin Gorge, Gunlom Falls, as well as take a much-needed deep at Ikoymarrwa (the Moline Rockhole).

It’s up to you!

So, as you can see, you can take a day to tour some of the highlights of the incredible Kakadu National Park, or you can take your time to really take in what makes the park such a draw for travellers from across the world.

The choice is yours, but you’ll love it either way.

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