What is the best way to see Kakadu?

What is the best way to see Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/23/2021

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Kakadu National Park is truly like nowhere else on Earth.

Best way to see Kakadu

This huge, stunning testament to Australia’s enormity is replete with everything that makes our expanse so magical: towering waterfalls, abundant wildlife, massive rock formations and sublime plunge pools!

The best way to see Kakadu, if you want to take in the park for all of its diversity and wonder, is either by hopping aboard a 4WD or partaking in one of the unforgettable tours that take place there.

Either way, having some mode of transportation is the best way to visit the far-flung reaches of the park to the places where many people overlook and ultimately miss out on!

But what are some of these amazing adventures that await you in the wondrous Kakadu National Park? And why is it totally worth taking a tour or piling into a 4WD to see its unique attractions?

Let’s find out below…


Nourlangie Rock is incredible for multiple reasons: it’s amazing to view as you walk up to it, it contains expansive views of the ginormous national park and it is also one of Australia’s most revered ancient rock art sites!

Yes, this special sandstone formation holds all kinds of significance, with a hike up into its shelters rewarded with seeing rock art that is thousands of years old. The mesmerising paintings include Dreaming stories and wildlife (some of which has been extinct on the Aussie mainland for thousands and thousands of years).


You must obtain an extra permit to head to this part of the park, as it is a sacred Indigenous site as well as being pristine environmental land. But what awaits you is nothing short of miraculous! This beautiful, untouched part of Australia is home to some of the most unforgettable walking trails and natural pools in all of the country, and a visit there can really make you feel like you’re the ones for hundreds of kilometres…

Gunlom Pool

Architects the world over probably took inspiration for their high-rise hotel infinity pools from Gunlom – it’s truly a magical, tranquil place to spend an afternoon. The beautiful pool and its endless Kakadu views are the ultimate rewards from an amazing hike up there, and you get to have a dip in one of the world’s most stunning natural waterways…

Sounds good? We think so, too!

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