Where can you swim in Kakadu?

Where can you swim in Kakadu?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/08/2021

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What better way to cool off from the harsh sun beaming down on you during your trek through Kakadu National Park than with a quick dip in the nearby watering holes.

Being a huge stretch of land, being a similar size to the entire country of Switzerland. Therefore, the swimming spots are endless, with waterfalls, watering holes, gorges, and creeks all up for grabs for the perfect afternoon swim!

  • Gunlom Falls

    Gunlom Falls, Kakadu

    Featuring an extremely stunning waterfall that travels through a saddled copper escarpment, cascading down 100 meters to a pristine base pool bordered by thick greenery. You can swim in both the upper or base pool for your refreshing swim, with the larger crowds typically staying up top for the view.

  • Maguk Gorge

    Maguk Gorge is a snorkeler’s dream. A huge watering hole that is made from a deep gorge, with a vibrant amount of marine life hidden below the surface. Bring your goggles and go hunting for some unique plant and animals found within, swimming through the jade water and enjoying the high rock walls surrounding you. If you are a confident swimmer, you can travel to the far side of the pool where the falls slowly thunder into the pool and provide you with a great natural shoulder massage.

  • Jim Jim Falls

    One of the most popular waterfalls in the entire National Park, featuring cascading waters thundering over 150 meters over dark red cliffs to a deep green pool at its feet. The pool is calm and serene, with the water slowly trickling into a river that heads further downstream. The base pool is only a one-kilometre walk from the nearby car park and can be an amazing way to immerse yourself in the thick bushland before you hop into the cool waters. The swimming hole bleeds into an enticing jade pool before it morphs into a river and ambles further downhill.

  • Motorcar Falls

    If you are keen to do a big walk through the bushland before your swimming adventure, this waterfall might be for you! Featuring a 7.5-kilometre return trail weaving about the thick trees and bushland, with the watering hole deep within the region. The waterfall slowly trickles down the jagged rock that surrounds the base pool, with the calm waters stretching out to one of the biggest natural swimming spots available in Kakadu.

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