Visit Kakadu Waterfalls

Visit Kakadu Waterfalls

Kakadu is one of the largest national parks in Australia and it has the most magnificent waterfalls.

When you’re in Kakadu, there are five main waterfalls to see. The best time to see any waterfall is during the wet season when the waterfalls are fuller and more stunning. But they are still worth seeing if you’re visiting Kakadu in the dry season.

How many waterfalls are there in Kakadu?

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls is 200 metres high and is the biggest waterfall in Kakadu. It’s best to see this waterfall during the wet season as it’s more full and truly magnificent to see.
It’s best to do a scenic flight during the wet season to see Jim Jim Falls. Or in the dry season, you can do the Jim Jim plunge pool walk. The walk is a two kilometre return that takes you through the monsoon forest to reach the pool.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is Kakadu’s second biggest waterfall. At the base of the gorge, there is a beach where you sit down to either relax or have a picnic. You can also swim at the plunge pool, but keep in mind there could be crocodiles.
During the dry season, you can walk to the base of the waterfall as the water slows down. Or you can do the Twin Falls plateau walk which is a six kilometre return. On this walk, you’ll get an incredible view looking down into the gorge.

Gunlom Falls

There is lush greenery surrounding Gunlom Falls which is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Kakadu. You aren’t able to access the walk and lookout points as requested by the traditional owners.


This waterfall falls from the steep gorge and drops into a beautiful natural pool. You can find this waterfall when you do the Maguk walk which is only walkable in the dry season. At the base of the pool, there are trees, shrubs, and bushes surrounding the area. The natural pool is a great spot to swim in during the dry season.

Motor Car Falls

Motor Car Falls is a small but beautiful waterfall in Kakadu. This waterfall is one that is open all year round. It’s a bit of a walk to see this waterfall with a 7.5 kilometre return walk on the Yurmikmik walk. When you reach the waterfall, you’ll notice it’s surrounded by the monsoon forest, keeping the area cool.

We recommend you check online to ensure you can see the waterfalls. The walks can be closed to the major waterfalls due to the weather or the path being upgraded. All the waterfalls are unique and worth the walks to see.

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