Is Kakadu open to tourists?

Is Kakadu open to tourists?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/22/2021

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Kakadu is a surreal natural dreamworld, a sprawling landscape of tropical wetlands, towering clifftops, gorgeous swimming holes and wildlife in abundance.

Kakadu Aboriginal Rock Art

Kakadu National Park is well and truly open to tourists, ready to welcome eager travellers for unforgettable one or multi-day experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible experiences you can have in this most revered national park.

  • Traverse the ancient shelters at Nourlangie

    Nourlangie’s ancient shelters were home to Indigenous Australians for countless wet seasons, and are the site of some of Australia’s most incredible rock art. This is one of the ultimate experiences in Kakadu, with an awe-inspiring circular walk allowing you to experience the expansive lookouts, shelters and billabongs that dot the landscape.

  • Go croc-spotting on Yellow Water billabong

    Yellow Water is one of Australia’s native wildlife havens, with over 280 species of birds, crocodiles, wallabies, wild horses and buffalo all calling the billabong home. A cruise along the billabong allows you to take in all the wonders of Yellow Water, as well as an incredible sunrise or sunset that is unlike any other in Australia. For nature lovers and people who have always wanted to go croc-spotting, this is the perfect cruise for you.

  • Take a well-earned swim at the Gunlom plunge pool

    Ever wanted to swim in the world’s most incredible infinity pool? Kakadu provides you that opportunity, with the stunning Gunlom plunge pool providing ample refreshment and endless views across the national park itself. The pool is located at the top of a waterfall and is seriously worth the hike up there – you can even camp out overnight at the well-serviced grounds below.

  • Take the journey out to Koolpin Gorge

    Koolpin remoteness makes it one of the lesser-visited attractions in Kakadu, but this also makes it one of the most incredible experiences in the park. The drive takes about four hours to reach the gorge, and you have to be a little fit to complete the hike in, but what awaits is something you are never likely to forget. Stunning waterfalls, pristine swimming holes and sandy beaches await the intrepid traveller, making you feel like you are truly in one of the world’s most beautiful and isolated outposts.

Be sure to get your permits earlier, however, as visitor numbers are limited for environmental and heritage reasons.

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